Things my child has done recently that make me laugh/smile

  • Wiggled her finger aroud in her ear for a bit, then with it good and coated with ear wax quickly shoved it into my mouth while I talked to her teacher at daycare.
  • She "reads" to herself, and to us. It's great. She knows the main word or theme for a page and says them as she turns the page. I especially love it when she "reads" the I Love You Through And Through book.
  • She loves to dance and sing. Even to the background sax music playing on the Starbucks patio. It's pretty amazing (and amusing).
  • She decided that our dog Bela is fun for "riding". Bela was sound asleep in the middle of the living room floor and next thing I know I hear Bela groan and look up to see Aylin straddling her and bouncing up and down... Sorry Bela!
  • Cold hot dogs are good... Ok, if you say so.
  • If she asks for something, and you repeat it "You want ...?" She responds "Okay" only it sounds like there's a G instead of a K. She doesn't say "Yes" just yet. But she can do "Uh-huh". But mostly sticks to "Okay".
  • She giggles about kisses from the doggies and then says "kisses!"
  • She is a BIG TIME chatter box. She still has a lot of gibberish to her words. But it's super cool to listen to her chatter.
  • She's learning to "play pretend". With her babies, and stuffed animals, and whatever else. She pretend feeds them, she pretend sips tea from her musical tea set, she rocks her babies and pats their backs... all very sweet to watch.
  • Above all else, she LOVES to Ca-la (color). She gets to have chalk un-supervised for her coloring table, and crayons when mommy or daddy are present.

Aylin's 1st Play In The Snow

Aylin got a brief opportunity to play in the snow today. I say brief, because it's been in the single digits today, and we don't want to be getting sick from it. :)

At first, it was just cold. But after a bit of walking around she noticed the snow was getting on her boots (she doesn't like her hands dirty, do this didn't surprise me). She would walk a few steps,  stop and look down at her feet then squeal an angry squeal, then walk some more. Repeat... Until she mostly got over it. Then it was fun to walk up a small embankment w have leading to our wellhouse, then with her hand in mine for steadying, she'd run down it toward the house and squeal happy squeals. Repeat about 10x. Then we followed the cats around the yard for a while until we got child enough to come inside.

All in all, she had an enjoyable first experience with snow play. :)


Aylin has reached that long-hoped-for developmental milestone at which she can say, "Yes?" or "Yeah?", to questions she wishes to answer in the affirmative. So she'll come up and ask us for a pickle, and we'll say, "Do you want a pickle?"

[nods head emphatically] "Yeah?"

We're pretty tickled.