Smart Lil Cookie!

In the days/weeks since Aylin began using underwear at school and at home, she has potty trained very quickly. Almost from day 1 of trying on underwear at school she has rarely had an accident! Which, for better or worse, is one of the big milestones for moving up to the next room at daycare.
Generally the rule of thumb for moving up to the next rom has been:
  1. 3 years old
  2. Potty trained
  3. Can drink from a regular cup or cup with a straw
  4. Is able to keep up with the other kids in the class

Well aparently my kid has all of those down except for the 3 year old bit. So Monday when I came to pick her up she had spent the afternoon in the 3 year old class and has stayed ever since. In talking to the director about the unexpected move yesterday she mentioned that "Aylin is just ready. She is so smart, she needs to be with these kids. Now that she's using the potty regularly with almost no accidents she really needs to be where she can keep growing and learning". I was shocked. I mean, yeah, don't all parents want to hear those things?! Yet, I don't expect it so when I do hear it i I puff up like any proud momma would! I am so proud of my little bug!! Sounds like we may need to start planning our Potty Trained Party faster than I thought we would! Anyone up for some Chuck -E- Cheese?! :D

Potty Training Successes

Some of the most beautiful words to a mother of a toddler's ears are:
  • I love you
  • Night-night (means we're going to bed without a fight!)
  • Please & Thank you
  • Help you Mama?!
  • Need go potty Mama! <-- the most recent addition!

We have been using pull ups and a potty seat for quite some time now, however Aylin's interest in using the potty at home has been very minimal. I tried not to push it, because I felt like it needed to be something she came to me with, or if she was asked if she needed to go and replied NO! I didn't want to force it. I didn't want it to become a frusting thing for her. Aparently that was a good plan! Off and on she has been trying during the day at school, but still didn't want to go at home. I would ask, and her immediate reaction was NO! The past week or so (I just noticed this yesterday from a potty chart at the school) she has been going more regularly on the potty at school. When I went to pick her up the teacher mentioned that she had done really well all day and that her pull ups had been dry all day. So after nap time they decided to try her in a pair of real panties and see how she did. She stayed dry ALL afternoon! So she came home in panties, and 4 more times at home she used the potty!!! I was so excited! She would quite randomly just start pulling on her skirt and then say "Need go potty Mama!" So we'd rush to the bathroom and she'd sit and go! She was so proud of herself. It was truly awesome. I couldn't be happier for my little bug who'se growing up!

Just a-swingin'!

I hung a swing in the old oak tree in the front yard this afternoon. The weather was perfect when the girls got home, so Aylin got to swing for quite some time while her mom cooked dinner. Looks like a winner to me.