2014 - A look in the rearview


By January we were already sick and tired of snow, and being cooped up in the house. So. Much. Snow.


Aylin turned 5.

We added pets to the Melton Casa - FISH

Jeff received his 1 year evaluation which was hugely positive, and awesome considering he had completely changed career fields.

Teena hit the 5 pounds lost mark.


Jeff ran a 10k

Jeff and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.


I (Teena) walked across the overpass bridge separating me from Bentonville and walked the 2.5 miles to the square in downtown Bentonville.

Jeff ran a 5k with his work buddies, while Aylin and I participated in the fun run. While doing so I realized that maybe I could do this running thing, too.

Teena hit the 10 pounds lost mark.


Teena began using the C25K training app, and started running for the first time.


Aylin graduated from her preschool class at Mary's Little Lamb's.

Teena, Aylin, and Uncle Richard traveled to Tennessee to meet up with more of the Leach crew for a week with the family to (pre)Celebrate Dad's (Tom Leach) 60th birthday!


Ayin went to spend a week with her Papa Joe and Grama Linda in Harrison, while Jeff and I packed in 3 dates into the week. One of which ended abruptly when a roach fell from the light fixture above our table into Jeff's plate of food that we had *just* finished with. Another of the dates was a fun evening at the AMP sitting on the lawn watching Alison Krauss with Union Station and Willie Nelson.

Aylin, along with momma and daddy attended her new school's open house.


Aylin began Kindergarten with a bang. There was much to get accustomed to, but once we fell into rhythm things started moving more smoothly. This took between 6 and 8 weeks for the behavior problems to clear up.

Teena hit the 15 pounds lost mark.


The Melton family plugged into a community group.

Aylin began to READ.


Aylin attended her very first field trip to a pumpkin patch with the kindergarten class.

Jeff and I attended our very first Parent Teacher conference, which was super positive.

Aylin chose Merida (not Elsa!) as her Halloween costume

Jeff accepted a new job with IT company IFWORLD

I survived the 2 year anniversary of my IIH Diagnosis

I experimented with making homemade applesauce, and then canning it.


We celebrated Jeff's last birthday in his 30's

I took my very first longer run on a trail, and survived.

I made my very first 100% from scratch pumpkin pie, and it was a huge hit!


We had our largest ever sign up for the Fellowship rEcess EVER and it was a super awesome day!

We celebrated Teena's fourth anniversary of her 29th birthday.