Aylin and Teena Haircut Donations

Aylin has been musing lately about getting her haircut, but waffled pretty significantly as to whether or not she was going to just cut a few inches off, or go dramatically short. Then a friend from school got her hair cut from very long, to a cute bob cut and then Aylin decided a cute short cut might be fun after all. Then we talked about how if she did get it cut short we would be able to donate her hair to children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other illness. So we decided to take the plunge. I was also in the mood for a dramatic cut myself, and she seemed like she maybe needed a little extra nudge, so I decided to cut mine short enough that I could also donate. So here are our before and after pictures...

Before, from the front

Before, from the back

After, from the front

After, from the back

We are both very pleased with the results, and enjoying the simplicity of the short (and very warm weather friendly!) haircuts.

The April Upload

It's been a hectic April getting settled into the new place and trying to find a new rhythm. We love having the freedom to get up and go and walk wherever we please. It's so wonderful to literally have the Compton Gardens and Crystal bridges trails as our backyard playground. But we also enjoy a relatively slow and peaceful routine, and so far life has been anything but slow. Now that I have the ability to, I've been trying to help out more in Aylin's classroom. I tagged along on a field trip, and I try to get in and help out with reading folders once a week or so. It's been fun getting to know the kids in her classroom, and get to where they recognize me. Aylin has also really enjoyed walking to school. I halfway expected her to whine about the longer walk to school since we were basically doubling the distance from what she had been used to with walking to the bus. But so far I have yet to hear a complaint (knock on wood), even when it's raining. She even refused a ride from her dad once when it was raining because she wanted to walk. I have been enjoying the pleasure of being able to get out and about on my own. Treating myself to a coffee, or meeting a friend for lunch (or coffee) without having to have someone come and pick me up first is pretty neat! I'll be pretty ecstatic when the new Walmart Neighborhood Market opens up on the square, because it's on Main, and it'll be a straight shot up the sidewalk for me just about a half a mile from my house. It's also been fun meeting people in the neighborhood. Lots of friendly people. We have a sweet couple who live right next to us who have really taken to Aylin and just let her jabber on and on. It makes a momma's heart feel good when other people love their kiddo, even when they don't have to.

Wild Wilderness Field Trip

I got the opportunity to tag along on a field trip with Aylin's class last week. We visited the Gentry Safari and the petting zoo. The kids had an amazing time. I rode along with another mom and we met the buses in Gentry. It was pretty wild being on the bus, though, packed with kindergarteners driving through the safari. I honestly didn't get to see much because I sat on the inside aisle seat so that the kids could stand on the seats and plaster themselves against the windows. I did manage to snap a few shots of the big cats, as well as a few others. Then I got to attempt to keep up with 4 of the kiddos and escort them through the various exciting sights through the petting zoo. That part was pretty fun. The kids got to feed the giraffes lettuce. Then I was given a loaf of bread to pass out to the kids to feed to any critter that would get close enough to eat it. Although most of the critters just got food thrown at them as the kids got timid once they got close to things. Especially the kangaroos. Notice how Aylin was the farthest away in the picture with the kangaroo. She was not getting ANY closer than that. Apparently the swift movements put her way out of her comfort zone where animals are concerned. We saw monkeys, pot bellied pigs, kangaroos, peacocks, rabbits, goats, various types of exotic birds. Lots of fun was had. Here is my picture collage to mark the day. :)

The Melton Move

So. THAT just happened! Let me tell you just how AWESOME, and BIG our God is. I mean, truly, He's just blown me away.

This all just started 2.5 weeks ago (Sunday, March 15th to be exact). Aylin and I had gone and had a girls day with friends, and Jeff went to go have some quiet time of his own. While out he decided to go driving around downtown Bentonville and came across a house with a for rent sign in the yard and decided to call the number. When Aylin and I got home from brunch and shopping Jeff was not yet home from his drive/quiet time. When he did get home he asks me "So, how'd you like to go look at a house?" My response was... "Um, okay". My mind totally had not been on homes. As some of you may know, I had been rather consumed with wanting to move to the downtown Bentonville area ever since I lost my eye sight and my ability to drive. And over the last several months I'd decided to just let God have that. It would happen when the time was right. I needed to quit focusing on it, and letting it consume me. So the question caught me off guard. So we went to look at the house. Cute house, perfect size for our needs, ideal location, priced in our sweet spot. So much to love about it. So we decided to fill out the application right then and there. We got the call that our application was approved the following Wednesday afternoon - the same day that my mother was flying in to visit us. By Friday afternoon we had put a deposit down and given our notice for the house we were in. Here's the crazy part. We moved in by the next weekend! Mom and I spent the next week working like crazy to get everything boxed up and ready to move, and the Amazing Sue Addington came in and packed up my whole kitchen in just a few hours! THEN our super awesome community group went way beyond any expectation I may have had (and lets be honest, I was in such a tizzy I really had no expectation here. God was so at work that I really could hardly keep up.) they showed up on moving day and loaded the truck, CLEANED MY OLD HOUSE (seriously I love you guys!), then unloaded the truck ALL INSIDE OF 4 HOURS!

I have to pause just to take a breath, and soak that all in! Holy WOW!

Truly, ya'll were the perfect picture of the Body of Christ at work. Without my mom, Sue, and every single sweet person that came to help us move (YES! Including those kiddos because they worked hard too!) it could not have happened in the timeline that was so clearly orchestrated by Our Father. He had this planned out long before we had any idea. He knew when my mom purchased her plane ticket that we would need her help to move. He knew the size of the house we would need, and he knew the exact spot that we needed to be in.

God has big plans, and this is just a small step in that direction as we keep on following the path He has for us. Thank you all for stepping in on our journey these last couple of weeks! I really cannot thank you enough. Once my kitchen (and my head) are back in order there will be much banana bread making, because what says "Thanks so much" more than banana bread?!

So come see us! We'd love to have you!


Happy 10 Years Jeff & Teena!!!

Jeff and I had the pleasure of celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary last week, and just like on our wedding 10 years ago the weather that followed over the weekend was just as beautiful as it was that day. Sunshine and 70's, so nice!

We celebrated the day with a few sweet things; I posted 10 sweet-talking sticky notes around the house in amongst items so that Jeff would find them during his usual morning routine. Jeff sent me some lovely flowers. We're planning on doing something special when Grama Jeanne comes to visit us. She'll be coming this week, and staying for 2 weeks. So at some point in there maybe we'll get us a weekend away or some other fun couples date type stuff.

Aylin's First Cavity

So Aylin got to experience the joy of getting her very first cavity fixed last Monday. I really hadn't expected to have to deal with that quite so soon... Clearly we need to work on getting those toofers cleaned better. Anywho... The dentist highly recommended we use the "happy gas" even though our insurance didn't cover it. So we went with it, and I'm glad we did. She was pretty nervous to start, and even cried just having to put on the "piggy nose" (happy gas) because "it was weird". But after having it on for about 60 seconds the happy kicked in, and she was quite the goofball. She cracked herself up several times, and told the dentist and his assistant that everyone that worked at the dentist office should wear shorts, swim suites, flip flops, and piggy noses for their daily uniform at work. He got quite the kick out of her. He also joked that he should start an anonymous twitter account for "things kids say while on nitrous", I'm sure it would be a hoot if Aylin was any indication. So here are our pictures from the event.

Honestly the worst part was a combination of waiting for the numbness to wear off, and that half asleep tingling sensation while her mouth slowly came back to life. She fussed with and bit on her lip enough while it was numb that she'd made it raw and swollen. She reacted to it the same way I do; it lasted FOREVER. She had the work done at 4pm and the numbness still hadn't gone away by bedtime at 7:30. Thankfully she was worn out enough that even though she cried herself to sleep, it didn't take long for her to just give in and fall asleep.

Cindy Lou Who Hair - Aylin Style

Last week was Dr. Seuss' birthday, so we had a fun day each day last week where the kids went to school with some wild and wacky theme. One day was crazy shoes day, and pajama day, etc. Friday was dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character day, so Aylin wanted "Cindy Lou Who" hair. We started out with the side braids, and I was going to tease up the top and put a bow in it, but we literally almost missed the bus because the hair was taking way longer than expected. So I ended up doing a third braid up top and just looping them all up and around. And unfortunately, since we were late to the bus stop, I didn't get any pics of it while it was still cute and fresh. So these pics are from the end of the school day...

Monotonous March Snow Days #3 & 4 (03.04.15 & 03.05.15)

We did a lot of painting for the 2 snow days we had last week. The big paint project we did was a thing I found on Pinterest, which didn't quite turn out how I had imagined, but it was unique and fun no less. It instructed us to put elmers glue on canvas, let it dry, and then paint the canvas all one color. But when I actually followed the link from the original pin the instructions were something entirely different. So due to lack of other supplies we stuck with the elmers glue. It turned out, and it was fun. Just not quite what I was expecting. Then the kiddo used up just about all of the water color paints we own. So we'll need to restock on those soon. With that, this momma is done with snow days. If we have any more, I will be having a rather stern conversation with Elsa. It was nice while it lasted, but that second day just about did me in. So, no more snow! Got that, Elsa?!

The World According to Humphrey

Aylin really enjoyed the One District One Book of The World According to Humphrey. It was a fun addition to our nightly story time. At the end of the book, they had a week at school where each day had a fun dress up theme. A few of those days were missed because of various things. But we managed to get the "dress as your favorite character", and "dress as your favorite animal" days. She dressed as teacher Ms. Mac from the book, and also as a cat. Fun times! Aylin really has exploded into the reading world far faster than I expected. She continues to amaze me every day with how well she reads and how much she loves it.