Family Visit in Charlotte

Cousin Fun! Lots of silly selfies, pool time, and passing out at night even though "I'm not tired yet"... it was so fun seeing all the cousins together. Aylin really enjoys hanging out with her cousins. Gabe greeted us at the door as soon as we'd gotten in from the airport and swooped in and bear hugged Aylin, picking her up off the floor. By the end of the week Aylin and Isaac were enjoying imaginary role play. Eli and I made the beginnings of homemade ice cream, but then never got around to putting it in the ice cream maker! And who can forget the GIANT LEGO GUMMIES courtesy of Gabe?! "Everythings Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, Because I'm on vacaaaaaayyyyyytion!" Thanks for that Gabe, I don't think that song will ever leave my head! ;-)

The Ultimate GNO - Cajun Canvas had no idea what hit them when the Leach Ladies made reservations to come paint! Wine, Paint, and Sassy ladies! We had lots of fun!

Lovies! (Are Love Selfies a thing? If not they should be...)

4th of July fun! We went to a local church that hosted a fun 4th of July cook out with bouncy houses, a water slide, and a gaming truck. The kids had a blast! Then we went back to the house and enjoyed fireworks in the back yard and family time!

Aylin and Aunt Rachel danced together at the gaming truck.

Discovery Place!!! Wow we had a big day. So many pictures! So much to do and see. We packed in a full day of excitement here! We got to do a 3D dinosaur movie (obligatory mobster photo op), aquarium, tropical forest area with rope bridge and toucans (and giant roaches, OH MY!) bed of nails, elevator chairs, build your own car races, Band photo ops with stage diving (great job E!), learning all about guitars, and of course you have to ride the dino in the kiddie area!

And then I got a surprise day at Carowinds when Rachel found a discount coupon! With overcast skies and threats of rain we got to park close, and never waited more than 15 minutes in line for ANYTHING! We got our Fury on 4x in a row first thing in the morning. We coastered ourselves silly until we just couldn't handle any more. I think we couted 9 coaster rides (including repeat rides), and of course you've gotta get things like the carousel, bumper cars, and the giant swings in too! Then we actually started to get some of that rain so we called it a day since we'd managed to fit everything in before dinner time.

The June Upload

June was a busy busy month 'round the Melton house! We completed Kindergarten (I say we, because it really is a family for everyone to play.) We've been catching lightening bugs, trekking to the Farmer's Market, doing crafts, playing in the sprinkler, playdates, and traveling to Charlotte (there's a separate post for that one coming up). I also rode my bike from the house to Harp's for the first time before school let out for the summer. It was nice to check that off my list and know that not only can i do it, but that it wasn't all that bad. I was pretty nervous about it, my heart was racing and not just because I was getting a bit of a workout. But in the end, I managed to navigate just fine and didn't run into anything or anyone! I even had to find an alternate route when a squad of fire trucks was blocking my way to the store. To think... this is just the beginning of our summer fun! Now on to the pictures!

Here we have the "Last Day of School" mix:

1) Aylin is very proud of her Field Day participation award

2) Last day of Kindergarten!

3) Last walk to school as a Kindergartener

4) Last lunch in the cafeteria with mom and Silly Selfies

5) Aylin with her teacher, Mrs. Scott, on her last day

6) Last day of school fun treat!

7) Last day of school crazy class pic.

Next up the "Play Time" mix:

1) Splash Park fun

2) Sprinkler fun

3) Experimenting with textures on clay at the Kids Art Park (at the Farmer's Market)

4) Same as #3 :)

5) Helping in a giant weaving project to be auctioned off, also part of the Kids Art Park

6) Gotta get a pic in the miniature Sam Walton pick up truck

7) Garden Tea Parties with a friend

8) Checking out the kids area at Crystal Bridges with friends

9) Shouting into the horn at Crystal Bridges with friends

And now for "Our Back Yard Visitors"

We've enjoyed the deer sightings in our back yard. It's been pretty surreal to see so many deer, in daylight hours, IN TOWN.

Next we have my "Random Pic(k)s"

1) All dressed up for a date with daddy!

2) A nice quiet (and cooler than normal) June evening, keeping the skeeterz at bay with my torch.

3) Getting our Farmer's Market on with the new wagon!

4) My bike parked at Harp's!

Aaaand last but not least "Flying to Charlotte"

1) Gotta ride the moving sidewalk!

2) Hysterical giggles, we're so excited!

3) Ooooh pretty!

4) Sleepy kiddo

5) City lights over Charlotte