Summer Surprise/Weekend Getaway 7/27-7/28

It all started with the Grands (Joe & Linda) snagging Aylin for some summer fun. They wisked her away Thursday afternoon with plans to go to Silver Dollar City Friday. That left Jeff and I to have some fun date night time! Friday night we walked downtown (Bentonville) and had a drink a piece at Scotch & Soda while having some good chat/connection time. We also enjoy people watching so we sat outside on the patio by the sidewalk. After drinks we moseyed down to Table Mesa for dinner, and as usual we were stuffed silly and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The next morning over coffee on the back porch Jeff suggested we take a day trip, I’d mentioned a while ago it would be fun to go back to Mt. Nebo where we first met and later married. Sipping coffee on the porch Saturday morning Jeff thought since we were kid free why not have a little adventure and go back to Mt. Nebo! So we got around, packed a picnic lunch and some sun screen and swim suits (just in case we wanted to splash around somewhere along the way) and were on our way to Russellville!

We took the long way via the Pig Trail and enjoyed the ride and the company. Once there we got to snap a few photos, but since there was a wedding getting set up we couldn’t go inside the pavilion we married in. Who can blame them, though? It’s a gorgeous spot for a wedding! We ate our picnic lunch and then found our way to sunset point (panoramic pic above) where Jeff and I spent a lot of time during our first date. 

Then Jeff says to me; “what do you think about hopping over to Hot Springs for the night”? Ummm Yes! So he looked up some B&B’s and made a call and they had a room available! So we made our way to this gorgeous Bed & Breakfast just a half mile off of the strip in Hot Springs. He also tried to get me an appointment for a massage but everyone was already booked up for the weekend. 

We arrived at the B&B and realized we had nothing for an overnight stay (phone chargers, tooth brushes, change of clothes...), so after getting settled in we made a quick trip to Walmart for some necessities. 

Next we walked down to the strip to find some place to eat dinner. We attempted a place called The Vault but found thy were reservations only and booked for the night. So we walked a few doors down and found The Porterhouse and dined there. Dinner there was underwhelming, but the company was great. It would take a lot for dinner out with my sweetie to be a bad date night. After dinner we walked the strip a bit and decided to stop in at an old Bath House turned Brewery and have some drinks! Superior Bath House Brewery had a great little patio section so we could sip and people watch and let me tell you, there was so much entertainment on the sidewalks. 

After drinks we walked the strip some more. We thought about getting dessert, but decided against waiting in a ginormous line at Fat Bottom Girls Cupcakes. We did, however, have some fun trying on hats in this fun little hat shop. 

After our adventures on the strip we walked back to our B&B and snagged a piece of cake from the main house to bring back to our room and enjoy a soak in the bath with a glass of wine and some cake. It. Was. Glorious. 

The next morning we had a leisurely sleep in before heading to breakfast. Breakfast was amazingly delicious with homemade apple strudel, eggs and bacon. Then we took our coffee and sat in a rather posh sitting room to enjoy a slow morning. 

Then we gathered up to go retrieve our Ginger Girl from the Grandparents. On our way out of town we hit up a fun little coffee shop called Red Light Coffee Company. I had a lavender latte and Jeff had his usual vanilla latte. We’ll definitely need to go back, they had a huge front porch that would be wonderful to sit and enjoy your coffee from. 

Once we got to Harrison we met the crew out on the farm where they were playing on 4 wheelers. So we joined in on that fun. Then we got to help wrangle and herd the goats. Aylin even got to help by holding a goat while sitting on the back of Lala’s 4 wheeler. The goat needed some medical assistance so Lala wrangled the goat and then Aylin held on to it until they could get it to Papa Joe. 

All in all, it was a memorable and fun weekend! Jeff and I both feel blessed to have been able to get a fun, unexpected romantic getaway in.