Fabulous February Snow Day #2 2.17.15

So we got to have 2 snow days in a row after a week of intersession. So here are a few things we did to keep occupied:

Aylin could NOT wait, once again to get out and play in the snow. It was a struggle just to get her to wait until 8am. She just had to make faces in the snow so she piled up the snow on the sidewalk, I gave her some oyster crackers and frozen beans to use to make faces. Then the left over crackers she made a bowl in the snow so the birds could eat them. Such a sweetheart. <3

After a bit of snow time found The Last Unicorn on Amazon Instant and caught some oldschool flix. Then I introduced her to the joys of mac and cheese with hot dogs. We also made a grape Sno Cone with grape koolade, she was ecstatic. :D

Next I made some oatmeal scotchies! and Aylin made a fun marshmallow rainbow!
Then we topped the day off with a cold weather classic: Potato Corn Chowder.

and I was SO THANKFUL that school was back in session on Wednesday!!! :D