A day with The Ginger Girl and her Valentines

My day with the Ginger Girl at school:

First was BASH (!!!!!!!)

Birthday recognitions

Extraordinary Effort winner for her class

Then I surprised her and told her that I'd be coming back to have lunch with her, and the following is a result of our sillies at lunch:

And as a tag-along for Valentines since I wasn't able to make her Valentines day party these are the super cute Valentines we made for her class. I can't even tell you how tickled I was when she announced that she wanted to *make* her Valentines this year. We had made them the last few years at preschool, but I was sure she would want one of the store bought Frozen themed (or Hello Kitty!) Valentines. But NO! She wanted to make them. "You're a hoot valentine!"

At the Valentine Party