The April Upload

It's been a hectic April getting settled into the new place and trying to find a new rhythm. We love having the freedom to get up and go and walk wherever we please. It's so wonderful to literally have the Compton Gardens and Crystal bridges trails as our backyard playground. But we also enjoy a relatively slow and peaceful routine, and so far life has been anything but slow. Now that I have the ability to, I've been trying to help out more in Aylin's classroom. I tagged along on a field trip, and I try to get in and help out with reading folders once a week or so. It's been fun getting to know the kids in her classroom, and get to where they recognize me. Aylin has also really enjoyed walking to school. I halfway expected her to whine about the longer walk to school since we were basically doubling the distance from what she had been used to with walking to the bus. But so far I have yet to hear a complaint (knock on wood), even when it's raining. She even refused a ride from her dad once when it was raining because she wanted to walk. I have been enjoying the pleasure of being able to get out and about on my own. Treating myself to a coffee, or meeting a friend for lunch (or coffee) without having to have someone come and pick me up first is pretty neat! I'll be pretty ecstatic when the new Walmart Neighborhood Market opens up on the square, because it's on Main, and it'll be a straight shot up the sidewalk for me just about a half a mile from my house. It's also been fun meeting people in the neighborhood. Lots of friendly people. We have a sweet couple who live right next to us who have really taken to Aylin and just let her jabber on and on. It makes a momma's heart feel good when other people love their kiddo, even when they don't have to.

A New Chapter

Today a new chapter starts for the Melton house. Jeff started his new job today in a whole new career field. I am excited for him and so very proud to be his wife.

The last several years have taken their toll on us, but I feel the wind beginning to pick up and to stir with hope and newness. I am at a peaceful place, maybe for the first time in my adult life. I want to be still and to let my Abba Father speak to me. I want to bask in his tender love and grace.

If you want to continue to follow my personal journey you can do so on my personal blog ( Now that things are settling down to a more normal pace the updates on this blog will go back to family updates. :) Grace and peace.