The Melton Move

So. THAT just happened! Let me tell you just how AWESOME, and BIG our God is. I mean, truly, He's just blown me away.

This all just started 2.5 weeks ago (Sunday, March 15th to be exact). Aylin and I had gone and had a girls day with friends, and Jeff went to go have some quiet time of his own. While out he decided to go driving around downtown Bentonville and came across a house with a for rent sign in the yard and decided to call the number. When Aylin and I got home from brunch and shopping Jeff was not yet home from his drive/quiet time. When he did get home he asks me "So, how'd you like to go look at a house?" My response was... "Um, okay". My mind totally had not been on homes. As some of you may know, I had been rather consumed with wanting to move to the downtown Bentonville area ever since I lost my eye sight and my ability to drive. And over the last several months I'd decided to just let God have that. It would happen when the time was right. I needed to quit focusing on it, and letting it consume me. So the question caught me off guard. So we went to look at the house. Cute house, perfect size for our needs, ideal location, priced in our sweet spot. So much to love about it. So we decided to fill out the application right then and there. We got the call that our application was approved the following Wednesday afternoon - the same day that my mother was flying in to visit us. By Friday afternoon we had put a deposit down and given our notice for the house we were in. Here's the crazy part. We moved in by the next weekend! Mom and I spent the next week working like crazy to get everything boxed up and ready to move, and the Amazing Sue Addington came in and packed up my whole kitchen in just a few hours! THEN our super awesome community group went way beyond any expectation I may have had (and lets be honest, I was in such a tizzy I really had no expectation here. God was so at work that I really could hardly keep up.) they showed up on moving day and loaded the truck, CLEANED MY OLD HOUSE (seriously I love you guys!), then unloaded the truck ALL INSIDE OF 4 HOURS!

I have to pause just to take a breath, and soak that all in! Holy WOW!

Truly, ya'll were the perfect picture of the Body of Christ at work. Without my mom, Sue, and every single sweet person that came to help us move (YES! Including those kiddos because they worked hard too!) it could not have happened in the timeline that was so clearly orchestrated by Our Father. He had this planned out long before we had any idea. He knew when my mom purchased her plane ticket that we would need her help to move. He knew the size of the house we would need, and he knew the exact spot that we needed to be in.

God has big plans, and this is just a small step in that direction as we keep on following the path He has for us. Thank you all for stepping in on our journey these last couple of weeks! I really cannot thank you enough. Once my kitchen (and my head) are back in order there will be much banana bread making, because what says "Thanks so much" more than banana bread?!

So come see us! We'd love to have you!